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Slate Roofing

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Back Ground

What started out as a fairly straightforward porch renovation, became a major exterior restoration job. Our Lake Avenue client contracted with us to renovate her second story stuccoed porch which sits above the kitchen on the rear of her home. The original contract was to rebuild the roof above the porch with a new shed roof and rubber membrane. The new porch floor was to be a new Duradek pvc floor. The second story open porch was to be screened-in with a new railing, ceiling, posts and screening.


The existing left post which supported the roof, was poorly flashed to the porch floor. The post was at the corner of the structure above sagging sheathing. There was evidence of a slight leak inside the kitchen in the sheetrock at the ceiling. The sheetrock had a slight sag and discoloration with no indication that there was a major problem.

So, the roof over the porch, railing and posts were torn-off with no problems. We then tore-off the roof/floor above the kitchen. After tearing this roof off, it quickly became apparent that concealed problems existed. We knew that there might be some sheathing and rafter repair required, but what we began to uncover was much worse. The first problem we found was that there was no top plate at the front left corner. We began to then uncover the framing at the front left corner only to discover that the entire front corner of the wall had rotted out beneath the stucco. We then uncovered front right corner to discover the same thing. More and more stucco needed to be removed to find some solid wood to begin our restoration. Ultimately, we needed to remove all of the stucco from the structure to address extensive rot.

About ten years ago, the kitchen underwent a renovation job. At that time, the same porch post had been leaking but was repaired in a very minor way. The interior walls were furred-in so the new sheetrock was not in direct contact with the plaster lathe. This created a hollow cavity that allowed the framing to rot away without any indication that such a major problem existing within the kitchen.


We replaced the front sill plate on top of the stone foundation and rebuilt the walls from the exterior. We re-insulated and installed new Hardiplank stucco panels and new corner boards. We sistered the roof/ceiling rafters. We were able to save the structure with tear-down the entire kitchen room, which sat on a stone foundation outside of the footprint of the main house. Tearing down the entire structure was one option we began to face, but fortunately, we did not need to go to that extreme.

Cost and Square Footage

The total cost of the job was $27,000.


The original goal of creating a pleasant, out door space free from mosquitos, while repairing problems in the structure of the building was met. We didn’t imagine the road to meet these goals would be quite so challenging. The fact that we were able to obtain pre-fabricated stucco panels saved a great deal of time and money and eliminated the need to change the appearance of the structure.


Tom Parks, Lead Carpenter; B&L Hauling; Howard Wright, Painter.

Major Products

Duradek Vinyl flooring, Hardiplank stucco panels.



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